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How to Renew Your Membership

You may renew at any time.  If you miss your renewal anniversary, you can still renew online within a few weeks following your anniversary date.  (If your membership is past the grace period, you must renew by mail - or re-join.)  Renewals are limited to a two-year period. 
Online, or by mail with invoice:Profile page during renewal period
  • Log in
  • If your membership is due to expire within 60 days, or if your membership recently expired, a  warning banner will appear on the login page. 
  • Click on the green Renew Membership link provided (below banner, to the right) to be taken through the renewal process. 
    • You can pay online via PayPal - using your credit card or a PayPal account, or
    • Print an invoice to mail with your check.
By mail (without logging in)
  • Look up your membership rate in the table below.
  • Make a check payable to The Irish Genealogical Society International (or, IGSI).  Checks should be drawn on a U.S. bank in U.S. funds.
  • Mail your check with a note that you are renewing
Mailing address
IGSI - Membership
1385 Mendota Heights Rd, Ste 100
Mendota Heights, MN  55120
Membership Plans Offered:
Plan Name For Maximum Associated Members Annual Fee Description
Indv. General Person(s) 1 $40.00 Full individual membership, with mail delivery of a print copy of The Septs quarterly journal.
Indv. Dual Person(s) 2 $50.00 Membership for two members of the same household, with mail delivery of one print copy of The Septs quarterly journal.
Indv. Electronic Person(s) 1 $35.00 Full membership, with online-only access to our quarterly journal The Septs.
Indv. Dual Electronic Person(s) 2 $45.00 Paperless membership provides all member benefits to two individuals - except a print copy of The Septs. The members receive notice to access an electronic version of The Septs (downloadable as a .pdf file) and have access to the members-only section of the IGSI website.
Indv. International Person(s) 1 $50.00 For non-US. residents who desire delivery of our quarterly journal, The Septs, by mail. Non-U.S. residents who do NOT need postal delivery of The Septs should register for INDIVIDUAL ELECTRONIC membership.