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The Septs

Image of a cover of The Septs journalThe Septs is IGSI’s award-winning quarterly journal and one of the benefits of IGSI membership. It combines

  • information about Irish genealogical research methods and examples of successful searches
  • information about IGSI and other happenings and events in the world of Irish genealogy
  • articles about various aspects of Irish history and the Irish diaspora
  • links to information that may be helpful to your research

Copies of The Septs are in libraries throughout the world – from Ireland’s National Library and county libraries to international libraries like the FamilySearch Library and the U.S. Library of Congress.

Since 1993 many issues of The Septs have featured a county in Ireland or Northern Ireland. In 2003 we completed the first series, and have since revisited several of the earliest featured counties. Some issues feature places where many Irish immigrants settled.

There are various ways to view The Septs:

  • By mail - join IGSI. A subscription to The Septs is a benefit of membership.
  • Members – view complete issues online, found in the Members area

Don't miss out on the articles on research tips and valuable spotlights that point out records that are sometimes hard to find or difficult to understand.

Want to write for The Septs? We enthusiastically welcome your participation in future issues, whether with story ideas and articles or other suggestions and comments. Click here for more information.

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