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IGSI is committed to providing you with a methodology and resources to assist you with researching your family history.  The Learn section of the website serves as a roadmap to guide you along.  There are four sections that are part of a method of research, which include:  Start Here, New Home, Search in Ireland and More Help.
In all of the Links sections, you will find resources for information and links that are pertinent to the section which includes: website, blogs and podcasts, Facebook groups, videos and a bookshelf.  The Link sections include:  Start Here - Links, New Home - Links, Search in Ireland - Links and More Help - Links. 
Start Here. Maybe you are new to genealogy or are having difficulty starting your research.  This page includes a guide to get you started and has suggestions for gathering information about your ancestors.
Start Here - Links.  Here are resources to help you get started with your research.  There is information for even the experienced researcher.  For example there are links to articles on interviewing family members and there is a wonderful link to a fashion history timeline to help date old pictures.
New Home. If you have records from where your relatives settled, continue to search for other documents and resources that will provide you with additional information. The article in this section includes information on core genealogy records.  Some of the material you will find here is specific to the U.S., but note that the research process is similar in other countries.
New Home – Links.  To enhance your learning, we have created a page with links and information that includes the major genealogy websites, an article on how to use the FamilySearch Wiki, some great blogs such as IGSI’s and books to help you with researching.  Many of the resources include information for Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Search in Ireland. This aspect of research takes you to Ireland. If you have already discovered your Irish relatives' county and townland, you'll be at a distinct advantage.  The articles in this section include helpful information about Irish jurisdictions and Irish given names. 
Search in Ireland – Links.  There is information and links for Irish civil records, church records, land records, wills, graveyards and more. This section is your toolkit that includes some of the most used record links all in one place.
More Help. You'll find a variety of resources here to help you further your research. Take advantage of website links, blogs, books and more!
More Help – Links.  An important additional tool is utilizing DNA and there is information about the various testing companies, resources for online historical maps, online newspapers, an informative video on how to add metadata to a picture and a free application for adding a watermark to photos.
Explore the website. Beyond this short orientation to starting your research, take advantage of these other opportunities to further your research.
  • Monthly classes - refer to Activities on the Home page
  • Regular publications - our blog plus for IGSI members Ginealas, the eNewsletter, and our quarterly journal, The Septs
  • Conferences and research trips
  • Member surname research list - see Surname Interests on the Home page. This is a member benefit.
Get assistance. Facing a brick wall in your research? For a fee, IGSI researchers will help you explore options and get you back on track with your research. Check out Research Services here.
Visit the library. Visit our library where you will find one of the finest collections of Irish genealogy and history books in North America. Everyone is welcome to attend our classes and get help from expert Irish researchers on Irish Saturdays.