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Mission / Purpose

IGSI's mission is to provide genealogical education and assistance to its members and to assist the community at large discover Irish history, culture and heritage.
Our Federal tax number is 90-0629967.

Operating Year: January - December 2024

Officers & Directors
Co-President: Donna Jones
Co-President: Walt Rothwell
Treasurer: Mike Flynn
Secretary: Jeanne Bakken
Director: Trish Ann Little-Taylor
Director: Sandra Mc Laughlin
Director: Dave Miller
Director: Patrick Sheehan
Director: Mary Stuart
Director: Kay Swanson
Membership: Kay Swanson
Library Committee Co-Chair: Ann Eccles
Library Committee Co-Chair: Peggy Peters
Volunteers: Jeanne Bakken
eNewsletter (Ginealas): Patrick Sheehan
Blog: Gigi Hickey
Podcasts: Dave Miller
Education Co-Chair: Trish Ann Little-Taylor
Education Co-Chair: Walt Rothwell
The Septs, Editor: Mary Stuart
The Septs, Associate Editor: Kim White
Co-Managing Editor, The Septs: Gigi Hickey
Co-Managing Editor, The Septs: Rita A McNabb
Research: Vacant
Website Editor: Mary Wickersham

Meeting Info

Virtual Board meetings are held the third week of each month.
Please contact an officer in advance if you'd like to attend, just in case we changed our meeting time. 
You can use the Contact emailer form to send a message to an officer, director, or committee chair.

The Hoffman Research Library is located at the

Minnesota Genealogy Center
1385 Mendota Heights Rd, Suite 100
Mendota Heights, Minnesota 55120

IGSI:  Over 40 Years of Evolution
Our history
1979 An Irish Interest Group (IIG) formed within the Minnesota Genealogy Society (MGS) in the Twin Cities area, with 23 charter members. The parent Society encouraged each nationality among their members to form a separate Interest Group.
1981 Our first presence at what is now known as the Irish Fair on Minnesota. The IIG began publication of a regular newsletter.
1983  The Irish Collection was inaugurated with a few books.
1985 MGS opened its first library in St Paul. The next year the tradition of “Irish Day” in the library began on second Saturdays monthly. The IIG hosted a 3-day Irish Research Seminar held at “Saint Thomas College” in St Paul. Today, The University of St Thomas has a Center for Irish Studies and an Irish library collection focusing on Irish literature and titles relating to the Irish in Ireland.
1988 The Irish Genealogical Society (IGS) was formed, yet remained affiliated as a branch of the Minnesota Genealogical Society. The association was close enough that the new Society’s publication continued to be known as the “Irish Interest Group Newsletter.”
1989 The IGS newsletter was renamed The Septs, published quarterly. The word “sept” refers to a clan, tribe, or family, proceeding from a common progenitor, and is used especially in reference to the ancient clans in Ireland. The first IGS-sponsored trip to Ireland was a success.
1993    The society’s named changed to what we know today – Irish Genealogical Society International (IGSI). In applying for copyright on the prior name, it was found that another group existed with the same name.
1996 The first web page for IGSI was made available. While the Internet became the most common way for new members to join, genealogical societies generally saw a decline in membership as records and repositories became available online.
1997 IGSI joined the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS).
2003 The Periodical Index Project (PIP) effort began for the Irish Collection.
2011  IGSI became independent of MGS – incorporating as an independent society – yet continues to collaborate by having our Irish collection housed in the MGS Library and retaining office space cooperatively with MGS. We continue to affiliate with MGS as a partner organization in their consortium with many other societies at the Minnesota Genealogy Center.
For an excellent summary of the first 25 years of IGSI, see Val Morrison’s article in the July 2006 issue of The Septs, linked here.