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All core genealogical records for your country

  • Personal and family resources
  • Federal and state censuses
  • Immigration and naturalization records
  • Military records, draft records, and pension records
  • Alien registration – 1918
  • Land, tax, and voting records
  • Church records
  • Vital records, wills probate, and court records
  • Cemeteries, tombstones, obituaries, and mortuary records
  • County, and town histories

Records more specific to Irish immigrants

  • Irish societies
  • Irish newspapers
  • U.S. Missing Friends listing in the Boston Pilot (on CD)
  • Church histories
  • Records about their associates and relatives
    • Records of siblings and descendants
    • Neighbors and other associates (especially those who migrated together)
  • Records in other places, for example
    • State, Province or county genealogy and historical societies
    • Family name associations
    • Internet postings
      • Private and commercial databases
      • Mail lists for surname and for U.S. localities
      • Query postings for surname and U.S. localities
  • Other family members